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Welcome to Rancho Del Pueblo Golf Course in San Jose, where the beauty of golf intertwines seamlessly with the enchanting presence of local wildlife. Get ready for an unforgettable round surrounded by the natural wonders of San Jose.
As you navigate Rancho Del Pueblo, be captivated by the diverse array of wildlife that call this area home. From graceful mammals to soaring birds, each creature adds to the charm and allure of your golfing adventure.
Rancho Del Pueblo Golf Course is not just a golf destination but a cherished habitat for local wildlife. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in our course design, featuring water features that serve as essential sources for irrigation while providing nurturing habitats for diverse wildlife. This harmonious blend enhances the course's charm and ecological significance. Water at the course is well water that originates from the South Bay Aqueduct, Lake Del Valle, and San Luis Reservoir, all of which are part of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta watershed. 
Immerse yourself in the golfing experience at Rancho Del Pueblo Golf Course, where each swing is accompanied by the beauty of San Jose's diverse wildlife. Enjoy a round that transcends the game, creating lasting memories surrounded by the natural wonders of Rancho Del Pueblo.

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